Sean Payton’s $225k pep talk: Want this cash? This trophy? Win 3 games.

If New Orleans Saints players needed any extra motivation before their hopeful playoff run begins, coach Sean Payton gave it to them before they started preparing for Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.
During the team meeting on Monday (Jan. 7), there was a big box underneath a gold curtain, and when Payton unveiled it, the players saw a glass case full of cash, along with a Lombardi Trophy. There were also three armed guards who carried in some of the money, a total of $225,000, as the Saints saw a visual of what they stand to win this postseason.
“I think guys were excited,” running back Mark Ingram said. “You see a thing like that full of cash, that’ll make you excited a little bit.”
Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. said the players reacted the same way anyone would when seeing that much cash.

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