Check out Gus Kattengell with “The Sports Hangover” on ESPN New Orleans 100.3









Check out Gus Kattengell on
“The Sports Hangover”



2 Responses to “Friends”

  1. Who Dat in MS says:

    For ever you could say ‘New Orleans’ and they knew where you were talking about: “Mardi Gras town”, “The Big Easy”, and before the high rise on the west bank – “the coon-ass 500”; business hwy 90. Now add ‘World Champion’ and they’ll know Who Dat you talk’n ’bout. No more ‘aints’, no more unbelievers, no more jokes of the Saints going to the Super Bowl; and if they get their tickets soon enough they could all sit together.
    Katrina showed Mother-natures worst; the staff, players, supporters and fans (Who Dat Nation) has shown human nature at its best – never say never; don’t count the underdog out; and ALWAYS BELIEVE.
    I invite all to to order the newest drink at PAT O’s – the Saint Hurricane – one part heart, two parts faith, a jigger of pride, a pinch of humility, enough ice to freeze hell over, fill glass with ‘The Blessed Boys will now hand you your ASS’ , mix well and for ever be changed.

  2. Wally Boyce says:

    Congratulations !!! to the Who Dat Nation and the City of New Orleans . A job well done by The Saints.


    Wally Boyce

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