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In Playboy interview, Reggie Bush calls Tampa Bay a ‘real threat’ to Saints’ NFC South run

Former New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush will always side with his former club, but he believes New Orleans’ path to a fourth consecutive NFC South title became tougher after the way this offseason unfolded.

Speaking with Playboy magazine to promote his TV show Celebrity Watch Party, Bush said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers addition of quarterback Tom Brady this offseason makes them a “real threat” to the Saints’ divisional supremacy.

“Tampa Bay just quickly climbed the ladder,” Bush said. “… It’s crazy, because now we know it’s going to be Drew Brees’ last year. And most likely Tom Brady’s last year, but who knows? The guy just seems to not age. But Tampa’s a real problem for the Saints. If you think about how good they were with Jameis Winston, despite the 30 interceptions — now you replace him with Tom Brady, who doesn’t turn the football over and is literally the GOAT (greatest of all time).

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Drew Brees Likely to Retire After Next Season

From Sean Payton implying that this will be Drew Brees’ final season to Brees inking a post-NFL deal with NBC, it sure seems like 2020 will be Brees’ swan song.

Especially since Brees almost retired a few months ago.

“I think he very seriously considered retiring after the season,” Saints radio voice Zach Strief said on The Zach Gelb Show. “I think he felt at points in the year like this was his last run, and there’s just something that kind of pulled him back. Yet at the same time, it’s got to end. You say that every year. But I do think if I was going to have to bet on it, I’d say that it was his last year, yet I’ll never get him to admit it ahead of time.”

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