La. Gov. Jindal looking into ‘Who Dat’ lawsuit against NFL after Dems push request

BATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is getting into the “Who Dat” fray with the NFL, asking the state attorney general to look into a possible lawsuit over the ownership rights to the popular New Orleans Saints phrase.

Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin says the governor’s executive counsel contacted Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s office Saturday.

The call came within hours of the state Democratic Party’s governing body calling on Jindal to defend the rights of Louisiana citizens to use the term “Who Dat.”

Some T-shirt makers have been getting cease-and-desist letters from the NFL demanding they stop selling shirts with the traditional cheer of Saints fans. The NFL claims the shirts infringe on a trademark it owns.

The issue has outraged many residents.

3 Responses to “La. Gov. Jindal looking into ‘Who Dat’ lawsuit against NFL after Dems push request”

  1. Mike says:

    I find this very interesting, but it seems to me that the Phrase “Who Dat” has been said for many decades and that no ownership rights can be established. Oh well. At least I got my Super Bowl 44 Flip Coin that is officially licensed. 🙂

  2. Tammy says:

    I wonder how much the nfl owes Who Dat inc. if they got the federal patent on Who dat in 1983 – 1993 then shouldn’t the nfl have to paid them every time they used the who dat on nfl mechandise. That 10 years of sell stuff with who dat on it.

  3. Michael says:

    What a shame the greed of the NFL should try to stop the Who Dat t-shirts. The NFL only wants to sell THEIR own merchandise. Your sales of the Who Dat cuts into their sales.
    I hope the Who Dat Nation wins this against the greedy NFL.