WhoDatNation bar in Miami ?

Members of the WhoDatNation will be making their way to Miami next week so the question is where will be the “WhoDatNations” bar ?  Just like they do on Bourbon Street we need a place to raise the WhoDatNation flag so we can gather and get the party started.

Do you know where we should go ?? Let us know !

6 Responses to “WhoDatNation bar in Miami ?”

  1. Avin says:

    Check out Wet Willy’s in South Beach. I’ve only been to Miami once and it was brief, but that place kinda reminded me of a daiquari place back in NOLA.

  2. scott says:

    Shuckers Bar and Grill Check it out!

  3. Michelle Who Dat Clark says:

    Big Pink–just a couple of blocks off of S. Beach. Huge portions, stiff drinks, fun atmosphere, extensive menu, family friendly, wide screen TV’s and best prices in Miami Beach!

    I am a NOLA native, but I have lived here for 9 years and I know what Y’ALL like.

    The owner is also known for his several 5-star restaurants in town.


    I’ll be there next weekend and at the game–see you soon!

  4. Mutt says:

    That big pink link does not go to a bar…..

  5. whodatwayne! says:

    I’m in Plantation, FL for work and will be watching the game at Duffy’s on University. WHO DAT! Me my woman and two small children – one infant. Will be wearing my Saints NFC Championship tee shirt – balding white guy! lol!
    GOD BLESS the SAINTS! I hope I can return soon to NOLA!
    WHO DAT!!!!

  6. whodatwayne! says:

    Duffy’s link – they are awesome – 50+ Flatscreens, great food and good prices. Sign up for MVP card for happy hour all the time! Almost like being in NOLA!


    I’ll be at the Plantation location on university ave/blvd.