Important Game

This is the beginning of a must win game. The SAINTS are in contention if they win the games they are supposed to win.
CAROLINA plays INDY and we can count that as a loss.

On a weekly basis the SAINTS will have to have a must win attitude. If the SAINTS play well and win then they are on there way. The upcoming divisional games will be so important. The BUCS have an easy schedule and we have to win the game as well as hope our Divisional foes beat each other up splitting the wins.

Today the game will be interesting. I believe P. THOMAS will have a few more touches today. This will be the beginning of his all pro career. (Sorry DEUCE) He will compliment the SAINTS offense and will give the SAINTS another unexpected weapon. When DEUCE was in the line-up, the opponent’s defense would load up the box up with 8 man fronts. The difference now is the play calling. Payton needs to keep the play calling varied and not go back to specific packages when certain players are in the game. BREES is beginning to get the blocking up front on the Offensive line to have enough time to pass. Is FAINE’S injury a disguised blessing and how about DEUCE?

Today’s game will also be important for
HENDERSON. He will be played and watched by the coaching staff. I have been told that I have been very critical of him, but if he drops a few catches today, he will be written out of the line-up. Hopefully he will hold onto the ball today and if he performs he will be a primary target. Let’s pull for him to have a huge game with some catches across the middle. Look for COLSTON to finally have a great game today.

On defense SMITH and GRANT are starting to play better. This is because the defensive backfield is pressing the receivers better and the DEFENSE is not as tired as earlier games. With the OFFENSE finally on the field a little longer the DEFENSE is a little fresher.

JASON DAVID is an important equation on the DEFENSE. I have consistently stressed the player that USAMA YOUNG is. He is just a rookie but he will end up being the full time starter for a long time.

Look for a few blitz packages early in the game to try to shake up ALEX SMITH. If the cornerbacks hold true then this might be a long day for SMITH. The SAINTS will have to win the turnover battle.

3 Responses to “Important Game”

  1. Billy says:

    Look for COLSTON to finally have a great game today.

    Looks like you called that one !

  2. Wesley says:

    Will Smith was great today, I just hope that Charles is ok so they can keep that one two punch working !

  3. capt68 says:

    The offensive line finally is coming together! Lets hope they continue next week. COlston played great and Henderson did nto drop a pass. Looks lke David Patten will compliment Colston or untill the double teams come off will be the go to guy. Another Saints free agent pick up with something to prove. (like JOE HORN was)