Saints off the schneid

What a night!! The first half the of the game, I was transported to 2006! Special teams that were special. A defense who put pressure on the Quarterback, and and offense that was creative and unpredictable ( which kept the Seattle defense confused most of the night!)

Will this same Saints team show up Sunday versus the Dirty Birds?? The Who Dat Nation needs to show up Sunday and ensure we have true home field advantage.

Do not fear, Who Dat Nation, the NFC South is a weak division so there is a distinct reality that 8-8 could make the playoffs. These are things we can ponder in future days, for now let us rejoice that the Saints are off the schneid!

*get off the schneid
To break a scoreless or win less streak (i.e., a schneid). According to the Sports Dictionary, the term “schneid” comes to sports ( baseball, football) via gin rummy, and in turn comes from German / Yiddish “schneider,” one who cuts cloth, i.e., a tailor.

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