Touchdown Club luncheon !

Went to the 40th Annual, “Meet the Saints luncheon,” sponsored by the Touchdown Club of New Orleans today.  First I want to thank the Touchdown Club for putting on a first class event, from start to finish.  If you have never been to a “Meet the Saints luncheon” you should try to attend next year.

 This year the Touchdown Club offered people who attended the luncheon a chance to get “Autographs” which I though made the event even more special.

 Now to my complaint… and it’s not about any of the players, all of the players went overboard to sign whatever the fans had, hats, shirts, helmets, signs, paintings, you name it anything the fans took up to the players they signed.  What I want to know is why some people come up with a “BAG” of stuff to get players to sign; I mean 4 of this, 5 of that and so on.  Then these “Fans” get upset when the players do not sign stuff fast enough, or go to the next person without finishing all their stuff.  I wonder how many things will end up on eBay later today.  I guess I now understand why some players are hesitant about signing things.

 I had my four year old daughter with me (who went to Jackson, Mississippi and got to meet a few of the players) who wanted to get her ball signed by a few players, and we were knocked over by some people, it really left a bad taste in my mouth for how we “Fans” look towards players.

 So what do you think, I know players are “stars” and should expect it but when is enough really enough?

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