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Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say gon beat dem Saints

Welcome to www.whodatnation.com this is a website created for and by die hard New Orleans Saints fans.  We are based out of New Orleans, LA

This site was created to give Saints fans all over the country the opportunity to speak there mind about the team they love.

Want to become a part of who dat nation and help spread the word of the black and gold?

Feel free to leave us a comment or send us an e–mail.

Thanks for visiting and happy WHO DAT!

28 Responses to “About Us”

  1. I’ve waited my entire 39 years of existence for our boys to make it to the Superbowl. I’m still in shock.

  2. Thomas says:

    How do you become an OFFICIAL member of the Who Dat Nation? GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Double D says:

    I have been a cheering WHO DAT for over 30 years. How can I become a card-carrying member of the WHO DAY Nation?

  4. Calvin Trosclair says:

    Here is a message to the NFL.


    Above phrase is copyrighted by Calvin, so don’t use it without authorization and or permission. (Whichever comes first. ???) Go Saints Go. Who Dat. LOL

  5. Calvin says:

    Here is a message to the NFL.


    Go Saints Go. Who Dat. LOL

  6. Joseph says:

    WHO DAT BABY !!!!!!! How do I become a member. GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!

  7. BAYOU CHEF says:



  8. bigpauly1980 says:

    wow what a team 29 years of keeping my head low and out of the radar. anyone got any good tattoo ideas? WHO DAT?

  9. Billy says:

    Please let us know the info on the Vigil and we will post it, do not want to give out emails because of possible spam violations. Thanks WDN

  10. Sean King says:

    Born and bred in south louisiana and I have always been a true WHO DAT fan all the way the back before the Dalton Hillard and Jim Everett(? spelling) days. GEAUX SAINTS! How do I become an official member of the nation?

  11. Bobby Toomer says:


    Reggie, let’s get ready
    Pierre, I know you care
    Breeze, don’t ch’a freeze
    Saint’s -let’s- go- all- the- way
    Black and Gold
    coming to save the day
    For the city
    it’s a spiritual awakening
    a sanctified undertaking
    I say Who dat, Who dat
    Who dat say I can’t use that word
    You can’t stop
    Who dat nation from being heard!
    Before it was Katrina,
    that dealt for us a wild hand to heal
    It’s all a testament to our courageous will
    In the high-rise
    we’re gonna have crime and disruption
    But in the sidelines
    we gonna cause an eruption
    I say… Who dat, Who dat
    Who dat say
    dey gonna beat
    dem Saints!

    Bobby Toomer

    I am sending you this poem I wrote because of the love I have for my city with everything that is sweet and sour. Also, it has taking me by surprise of how much camaraderie and togetherness that arisen by the citizens with the achievements of the Saints. Therefore, I am sending out my poem to reach all corners of the Who Dat Nation to express artistically my appreciation for the Saints and a job well done. Also, to relish in this historic moment of Saintsmania and to help feed the belly of the spirit that helps us heal from wounds of a stormy past. Everybody knows we are most deserving of this opportunity to participant in the 44th Annual Super bowl Game.

    (This poem is copy written.)

  12. Mark Weaver says:

    DID YOU HEAR HOW STUPID THE NFL IS ACTING?!?! The NFL is trying to own the rights to “who dat”!! I hope that all die hard Saint fans stand and fight this B.S. I am not a die hard fan but I am a DIE HARD fan of stopping the crap that people or large corporate jerks do to one another. As usual it has to do with they want the money from the sales of T-shirts and other merchandise that have “who dat” printed on. I think and this is only my opinion Saint’s fans should boycot buying anymore NFL Saint products and make your own Saint’s support superbowl shirts! Get a white shirt, gold or black shirt and go to town! Glitter, markers whatever to show that no one owns the right to say what has been said for longer that the NFL has even been in New Orleans. I support you and I am a fan now!! Geaux Saints!! (How long befor the NFL wants the the rights to that?!)

  13. edie deaton says:

    i followed drew brees when he was Purdue. i am so proud of him for making it in the NFL…never had any doubts.
    GO SAINTS!!!!

  14. James Wilson says:

    I can’t believe this is still happening!!! Being out on an island in Colorado, no one really gets why the city and fans are going so nuts over this Super Bowl berth. I actually was relocated to Colorado after the storm and have displayed the Saints memorabilia all over my car and house. This incredible season symbolizes the NOLA resilience and never say die attitude. May this be a sign of rebirth. WHO DAT?! WHO DAT?! WHO DAT SEY DEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS?! I’m going to Miami not to necessarily go to the game but to lend my support to this unbelieveable experience. Is there going to be a general area for the Nation for tailgating or is that EVERYWHERE?

  15. Jeanette Garcia says:

    Who Dat? We know dat!!! Way to go Team. You got fans in California who dat gonna root for you…CONGRATS to all you boys!!! Who Dat? Who Dat? SAINTS ARE ALL THAT!!!

  16. kelly newel says:

    who dat who dat who dat say gona beat def saints!! WHO DAT!!!! hurricane who dat is comin for you miami!! I know im not the only one who cried when the saints won this previous game. SO PROUD OF THE BOYS

  17. D. Hebert says:

    Who Dat! Let’s go get us (New Orleans) a Super Bowl trophy and a big ole ring for the players. This is one of those priceless moments…go Saints…Who Dat say they gonna beat them Saints…

  18. Jeremy says:

    Slidell, LA’s own Sean Patton ended his stand up set on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Friday 2/5) by throwing in a couple of Who Dats. The clip should be up on Hulu.com by Monday at the latest.

    WHO DAT!

  19. keith o. says:

    Whodatt! Today is the day that the country will see how proud the whodatt nation is and how good the SAINTS really are go SAINTS whodatt baby!!!!

  20. Gage Comeaux says:

    Let it be known that for my B-day feb 7 2008 the SAINTS will win the superbowl

  21. Billy Hoffpauir says:

    I’ve been a fan for 43 years. Since the Saints played in Tulane Stadium.

    Today, the main item on my “Bucket List” was crossed off! For the Saints to win the Super Bowl!

  22. Sharon Brown says:

    Where did “Who Dat” originate from?

  23. Billy says:

    Sharon.. if you check out Wikipedia you can find out more about “Who Dat” but I think the truth will always be a story to tell that has different starting points : )

    Who Dat : )

  24. Billy says:

    Everybody is a member… no way to actually join

  25. reddog says:

    better get on da bus, to who dat ville!!!
    we rollin now!

  26. Anthony says:

    Been waiting 40 of my 55 years for this to happen. Was so happy I cried. Geaux Saints!!!

  27. Jimmy O. says:

    I have been waiting 43 of my 59 years for this, and it feels great “WHO DAT”!!!!!

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