You had (have) a Bobby Hebert poster in your house.

You attended Buddy D’s funeral at St. Rita.

You turn down the volume of the Saints game on tv and turn up 870 am to listen to Jim Henderson instead.

You wear a radio headset to Saints games.

You know every step to the Benson Boogie.

You’ve eaten at every restaurant in the New Orleans Centre before going to the Dome.

You get drunk on the New Orleans Centre on-ramp hours before kickoff.

You’ve ever had NOPD escort you out for throwing beer bottles at opposing fans.

You were one of the people in the Dome who cheered when Wade Wilson got injured.

You refused to wear a paper bag on your head when all your friends were doing it.

You threatened to kill anybody who advocated for the Saints to relocate.

The first thing on your mind after Katrina destroyed the Superdome was “Where are the Saints gonna play this year?”

You’ve ever been taken to Tulane and Broad before halftime for showering beer on a Falcons fan.

You have 8 delinquent parking tickets–all issued on Poydras.

You play Madden with the Saints and beat the diddly-poo out of the team the Saints just lost to.

You know the scalpers in front of the Superdome by name.

You go to bars and have “intellectual conversations” about what the Saints need to do to win next week.

You are too depressed to go to work or school on Monday because the Saints lost on Sunday.

You are too hungover to go to work or school on Monday because the Saints won on Sunday.

You think Archie Manning should be canonized.

Instead of wearing a Cowboy’s or 49’ers starter jacket in grammar school like all your friends, you wore a Saints Russell windbreaker.

You live out of state, but have the NFL Network just to watch the Saints.

The people at the Black and Gold Shop know you by name.

You think Gill Fenerty is the best white running back in NFL history.

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