Who Dat supporting WDN!

What a season for the Who Dat Nation !!
We finished the season 12-4 and are the 2nd seed for the PLAYOFFS !!
We did a first ever NFC South complete sweep !!
It’s been a strange season so far.. only have 3000 people at the dome.. no tailgating weekends but we did it.. fingers crossed they mayor ups the numbers for the playoff game.. Please Mayor…

Just wanted to thank those who support the Who Dat Nation and who we support…

Come see Chef Devillier at Justine !

Chef Justin Devillier is the Chef/Owner of La Petite Grocery and Justine… La Petite has been supporting the Who Dat Nation for year.. and now his new place has some amazing art work you need to see if your a Saints fan!

BOUCHERIE – a step deeper into taking more appreciation for the foods and personalities that make the south a culinary destination – is Chef Nathanial Zimet, David Zimet and staff, and was born out of everything that led Nathanial to the purple truck: an education in Great Brittain and Australia at Le Cordon Bleu; the restaurant industries of New Orleans, North Carolina and abroad – and all that was learned while feeding the streets of this city.

Desi Vega, the co-owner and managing partner of Mr. John’s and Desi Vega’s Steakhouses has been a big supporter of the Who Dat Nation.. heck you may always run in to a Saints player having dinner at Desi’s.

In 1982, inspired by the curry houses of Europe, Har and Anila Keswani brought Indian cuisine to the Greater New Orleans area. Nirvana on Magazine Street has been in operation since 1999.

And lets not forget American Back Institute, Think about it, if Dr. Rob has treated 290 NFL players from 17 different NFL teams from across the country, personally delivering over 7,800 visits to these professionals. 100% of the Pro athletes that he treats are from referrals by fellow teammates, team physicians, trainers, and coaches, all wanting to improve the overall performance and health condition of their fellow athletes…. think of what he can do for everyone else : )  

At lastly we cannot forget Teenyb.com Handcrafted Brazilian inspired bikinis made in sunny Clearwater, FL. Made by woman for woman. Embrace your sexy side with our confidence boosting swimsuit styles. Find out why TeenyB has the best swimwear season after season.

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