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Welcome Kwon Alexander

The #Saints have traded for LB Kwon Alexander from the 49ers! 


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Brady over Brees? Brees over Brady? Who ya got?

Now, this is the kind of battle between two old dudes we can embrace. It’s Sosa vs. McGwire all over again!‌
When the Saints and Bucs square off next Sunday night, we could see the record broken, tied and broken again before the first quarter is over. Going by Schwab’s suggestion, the game and all its ceremonies wouldn’t end before Tuesday, but who cares?‌
We need thank yous to every receiver who’s ever caught a TD from these two, rocking chairs as congratulatory gifts and, if nothing else, multiple speeches from Gronk.‌
Who knows when this battle will end. January? A year from January? The year 2036, when time finally catches up with Tom?
By Jay Hart