“The Who Dat Nation Rally & Music Festival”

Keep getting emails asking us about the “The Who Dat Nation Rally & Music Festival”

Well here is my current two cents….

When you look at the story on the web site for the people promoting the “Rally” you learn that they talk about the big “No Call” party that was held on Fulton Street. In fact, they say that “Thousands filled Fulton Street for a protest event. Thousands more packed the French Quarter.” Base off of the fan support that filled Fulton Street the planned the “Official Who Dat Rally & Music Festival”

We at WhoDatNation.com learned that “The festival was conceived by Monistere, who brought the idea to the parish, said Parish Councilman Paul Johnston. “I thought it was a good idea,” he said.”

You may remember Steve Monistere:
Steve Monistere
Who Dat?, Inc. 
334 Carondelet Street, Suite. B
New Orleans, LA  70130
504 814 0862

This is the same person that has attempted to stop people from using the term “Who Dat” over the years and only seems to appear when the Saints are winning and only when he can make money off of the fans of the Who Dat Nation!

In fact he claims on his website “In 2010, Who Dat received worldwide brand recognition when it was the most searched phrase on Google following the Superbowl win by the New Orleans Saints.” And that “With its big, bold logo and the irresistible urge to shout it loud,” WHO DAT!” is an attention getter for any product or service!” so you should “Contact us for information on our licensing, or co-branding opportunities.”

 I have heard that they are donating money to a great cause I hope this is correct..

I also see that this festival is “in no way associated with the NFL or the New Orleans Saints”

We love our Saints….. Who Dat Nation till we die and hope this event does some good for whatever cause they are supporting!

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