Bobby Hebert – Saints can’t play Rams like Eagles – they’ll lose

Many Saints fans were worried about the first quarter struggles against the Eagles, with the Saints quickly falling behind 14-0; but Bobby Hebert says not to worry too much.

“They shouldn’t really be concerned.  As long as you’re within two scores, you shouldn’t be overly concerned.  In the Super Bowl, we were 10 points down to the Colts; and we still won the game.  With the leadership and experience we have, we can handle that type of adversity.”

That said, Hebert is adamant the Saints can’t have a start like that against the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship Game.  “You have to get off to a fast start.  That’s going to be critical against a team like the Rams especially.  The Saints are a totally different animal with a fast start compared to what they did against the Eagles.”

Hebert had a word of warning, though.

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