Saints Training Camp: Update #2

Heading into the weekend Saints offense comes to life
By Gus Kattengell / @gkatt_17

The Saints have just three open practices, including Friday, before they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in the preseason opener next Thursday.

Friday and Saturday are normal 8:50-11:40 practices at Saints camp in Metairie but Sunday the team will travel uptown for a 7pm workout at Tulane’s Yulman Stadium.


There’s not much of a debate as to which side of the ball has been the more dominant one thus far during camp. Defense. Pass break ups. Interceptions. Strip fumbles. Tip or batted balls you name it and the defense is doing it. Saints head coach Sean Payton said on Thursday that you want to see and ebb and flow where both sides alternate having good days and never want to see one side truly dominate.


Thursday saw the offense get back to the form we are used to seeing. One with good temp and plays being made. Team periods were focused on redzone and goal line plays with a team period dedicated to running the football only in each area.

RB Mark Ingra had a pair of nice runs as did a number of backs. Jonathan Williams is one the backs battling for snaps and at least to me I seem to be jotting down #32 a lot in my notes.

It was easily one of the only practices that I can’t recall seeing Brees angrily pull off his chin strip or slap his hands together in disgust.


A big reason Brees wasn’t disgusted much was because his accuracy was deadly Thursday. The best example was a goal line play with the ball spotted at the five yard line. The formation had two receivers to the left with Tommy Lee Lewis outside and Michael Thomas in the slot. At the snap, they cross with Lee running a slant towards the middle. CB Patrick Robinson is lined up over Thomas and Lattimore was lined up over Lewis but in a blink of an eye has Thomas fading to the near pylon and by the time he reacts it’s too late. The ball was already in the air and Thomas used his 6-3 body to go up and get it before Lattimore could react and brought down a ball thrown over his left shoulder away from Lattimore. It was money. If the Saints run that play 10 times this season there is no way it’s not a touchdown in at least 9 of them.

Remember Sean Payton’s bachelor comment back on Sunday about how it’s anybody’s job at punt returner. Well we saw WR Austin Carr get a shot on Monday and Wednesday but with the signing of Brandon Tate, add him to the list of contestants. Head coach Sean Payton made it clear it was a big deal by spending Thursday’s punt and kick catching special teams drills right next to the returners. Like right next to them, blowing the whistle to start or stop the play. Just a little pressure huh?


Saturday join Gus Kattengell, John Fourcade, Marlon Favorite, Bryan Bienemy and Jordan the Intern as they all head across the street after practice. New Orleans Harley Davidson is having FREE food and FREE beer. Burgers, hot dogs, chicken, sausage for the eats and cold beer, water and soda all for free for fans looking to refresh from practice. Sno-Balls and ic cream for the kids will be available as well. So come on by and talk football while you eat and drink for free!


Monday the Saints will hold a closed practice and will be off on Tuesday. Wednesday following a walk through they will travel to Jacksonville.

The Saints will kick off their preseason schedule on Thursday August 9 at Jacksonville.

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