Brian W – on the draft !

Saints: My thoughts about the draft!

The two main positions the Saints are in need of are an Edge rusher, as well as another Offensive linemen. Whether we fill the holes through the draft, trades or a free agent those are two glaring holes. The edge rusher could even be a hybrid linebacker but we need more pressure on the QB from the edge.

Sure we can use better players in all positions but I believe we need to address them in this order.

Defense Edge Rusher, Offensive linemen, Tight End, Receiver, Defensive backs, Linebacker and then Running back.

As you can see I do not list the QB position. Everyone wants a QB to replace Drew. We possibly have a QB on the roster who could replace Drew. His name is Taysom Hill. I wish Taysom Hill could be converted to a Wide Receiver. He has the speed and strength to be an all pro. I’m not sure how his hands are but let him use the Jug machine since he already has talent and is a superior athlete.

I also think the way free agency works that there are QB’s every year which will be on the open market. I hope Drew plays three more years. Realistically we can address QB next year in the draft or free agency. Why waste a pick for someone who will sit the bench for two or three years.


If we want to win a Superbowl this year then we shouldn’t draft a QB. We can use the first round pick for a Tight end or an Offensive linemen. We need another linemen who can protect Brees.

The Saints possibly will draft a late round or free agent for running back. Ingram could cost a lot next year when his contract is up. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Saints trade him during the draft for a quality player and a draft pick. Mark is great but with Kamara and a young running back we will do better with the Cap space and it will help in the future for the Saints. Someone possibly would make a great offer for Mark after his awesome play last season.


We can use depth at every position. The most glaring need is the edge rusher. Of course we have a lot of young talent and we will see how they play this year.
Although we have starters in the defensive back position we could use quality depth.

Special teams:

We are lucky to have two outstanding specialist at Kicker and the Punter position. Thomas Morestead finally handed off the kickoffs to a kicker. His has given him more rest and improved his leg strength.
If Will Lutz can continue to play at the level he has been playing he will rival Morten Anderson and one of the better kickers the Saints have ever had.


The Saints have the 2nd hardest schedule in the league but if we stay healthy we should be in contention to win our division.

The Season should be exciting especially with the amount of National exposure and big time TV games.

If could be harder to win our Division then it is to win a playoff game this year.

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