Meet Jane Mitchell today.

Tulane Wednesday Feb. 8 @ 6pm

Jane wasn’t a sports fan growing up, but interviewing professional athletes makes me appreciate their journey and what we can learn from them – including giving back

One of the things she emphasizes in her book is the importance of recognizing and exploring the Good Sports Story… not to glaze over hard times/issues etc., but to get to know athletes as people and what drives them and why, especially the good guys. Drew is a great example of how he has stayed true to himself, and I think having known him early, and to be able to share what he said him from the early part of his career, offers a different dimension.

So if you are around Tulane today stop and meet Jane and see what she has to say.. she is a fan of the Who Dat Nation

Perpetuate the Positive…
Be Part of “the Good Sports Story”

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