Drew Brees leads the league with Interceptions

From Saintsmanj83…

Drew Brees is on pace to throw nearly 700 times this year and to be sacked nearly 40 times which are the highest totals since he has been a Saint. The more Drew throws the less efficient he is. Drew Brees threw the ball in the Super Bowl year far less than most of his years as a Saint. He only threw the ball 514 times the Super Bowl year. Last year he threw it 658 times. He threw the ball 144 more times last year than the Super Bowl year and it netted the following:

1 less TD pass then the Super Bowl Year

232 more passing yards than the Super Bowl Year

11 more interceptions than the Super Bowl Year

Throwing more does not equalize more efficiency per throw. Now last year we were injured at the RB position which meant more of a reliance on Drew, this year there is no excuse for it. We faced the worst ranked rush defense last week and we ran the ball 20 times and passed it 45 times. Drew is at his best when there is a solid commitment to the running game is going. Sure here and there he can carry you without it but Sean is too reliant on that when he should support him with the running game which helps slow the pass rush and opens up play action. The Saints threw 630 plus times in every year but 06′ and 09′. They threw it 554 times in 06′ and 514 times in 09′. In both of those years the offense was more multi-dimensional and the team had greater results, in every other year the offense is Drew and one man won’t have as many results as the collective. When you think of Drew’s pinnacle performances as a Saint the majority of them have come accompanied with a commitment to the ground game.

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