Saints, Razorbacks will win it all

By Rick Reilly

Screw the holidays. The most wonderful time of the year is now.

No more pretending you love scrapbooking. Football is here. Pro, college, lingerie. Doesn’t matter. Let the torrid affair between you and your remote begin.

And I’ll bet you a diamond to a doughnut that …

The New Orleans Saints will win it all. You haven’t noticed? They won the offseason. QB Drew Brees‘ practice sessions were more organized than the Raiders’ ever are. Plus, they added Heisman Trophy winner and soon-to-be NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year Mark Ingram. Telling you, this kid is going to go through defenses like they are piles of Gillette Foamy. Plus, they’ve rid themselves of the What Stupid Trick Play Can We Come Up With to Get Reggie Bush Some Yardage? migraine. Hey Drew, get your son’s headphones ready.

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