Congrats to La Petite Grocery.

Congrats to La Petite Grocery, one of our great sponsors.  In an email from Tom Fitzmorris, which if you don’t get you should check out his web site http://www.nomenu.com for more information.

His article was about the “Most Improved Restaurants In 2010”

More exciting to me than seeing a new restaurant open is watching an
old one get noticeably better. If that didn’t happen, the restaurant
scene would be like a movie theater: nobody would go except for the
new pictures. These restaurants have moved up gratifyingly during the
past year–at least to my sensitivities. I invite your additions,
subtractions, and other comments on our messageboard.

The # 3 restaurant was  La Petite Grocery.

Uptown: 4238 Magazine.


Now that Chef Justin Devillier owns the place, he’s allowed the menu to get more interesting.

Congrats to Chef Justin for doing such an amazing job and of course for being a member of the Who Dat Nation.


Chef Justin Devillier

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