Jonathan Goodwin Shares His Super Bowl Experience

Saints Pro Bowl center Jonathan Goodwin was a key part of the best offensive line in football, and in the first Super Bowl in team history.  He was kind enough to chat with me about that Super Bowl victory and the season as a whole:

1. First, I have to ask, how would you describe the atmosphere in the Superdome after you won the NFC Championship?
Electric!! As soon as the kick got over the line of scrimmage the fans in the end zone started to celebrate, so at that point I knew it had to be on track to be good. After that it was a man hug session (haha). We all were so excited! Everything that we said we wanted to accomplish had been done. We still had one goal left, but to get to that point was a great feeling for us also. Four years ago we got to that point and came up short and that was one of the worst feelings you can ever experience as a professional athlete.

Read the rest of the story here.

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