Cardinals vs. Saints play of the game

The setup: The Cardinals had the ball. It was 2nd-and-6 from their 32-yard line. They trailed 28-14 with 5:58 left in the second quarter.

The situation: After absorbing an early surge from the Saints, the Cardinals offense was heating up, and desperately trying to stay in the game.

The call: Warner’s short pass was intercepted by Saints defensive end Will Smith, who returned the ball 5 yards to the Arizona 27-yard line. On the return, Warner was sent flying on a crushing block from the Saints’ Bobby McCray. Warner suffered a chest injury and was temporarily knocked out of the game.

The impact: The Saints scored a touchdown on the ensuing possession, taking a 35-14 lead. And while Warner returned in the second half, the game was hopelessly out of reach.

The quote: “He hit me pretty good. Had the wind knocked out of me. Have some soreness really all around my ribcage area. X-rays were negative, so nothing was broke. But a lot of soreness there. Hurts when I breathe more than anything.” – Warner

From Arizona media

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  1. mutt says:

    I told Ya’ll Will Smith was going to have a big game. Of course I said fumbles not interceptions. Who knew the big man had such good hands? Way to go Will!!