It’s over. Jason David has been released by the New Orleans Saints.

— thanks Gus !!

The team released the cornerback that made many Saints fans cringe every time an opposing quarterback threw in his direction, Monday.
In Friday night’s preseason opener against the Bengals, Bengals receivers Chad Ochocinco and Chris Henry torched David.
David started 18 games for the Saints.

“I think what you try to do is you try to evaluate a body of work and I think we feel were we’re at right now at corner,” explained head coach Sean Payton of the decision. “Certainly we’ve got more depth than we’ve had in the past, that it was a decision we wanted to make.”


Payton said the positive play of free agent cornerbacks Jabari Greer and first round pick Malcolm Jenkins makes him comfortable with the release. “One of the bad parts about business is guys get cut and things like that, but business is business,” says Jenkins. “I know he’s probably down but we can’t control anything like that.”


David never seemed to fin into the Saints defense since his arrival and many fans called for departure prior to last season. Why the decision to keep the corner around all offseason and release him now?


“We were hopeful. To his credit, battled back in practice with intensity and remained focus when he hit some of his tough periods. He had some good games for us, The Green Bay on Monday last year was probably one of his better games when he was here,” said Payton Monday afternoon. “But it’s a little combination of the players now in front of him along with the body of work for him.”

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