Bush has MRI on Knee, Says he’s fine

A day after having one of his better practices of training camp, Saints running back Reggie Bush missed Wednesday morning’s workout due to swelling in his left knee. “Obviously it’s going to be a little sore after a practice like that. I’m still just getting back into the swing of things you know getting back used to the work load and the long practices and strenuous work that I’m putting on it. That’s really it,” Bush said following the end of practice

Bush came out in shoulder pads with the rest of his teammates but went back inside shortly after, reemerging with a bag of ice taped to his left knee. Saints head coach Sean Payton told media at the start of camp that on two a day’s, Bush likely would only practice in one of the workouts as a precaution. Back in December, Bush underwent surgery to repair cartilage and insists this is just what happens when you come back from that type of injury.

The recent swelling did however warrant the team to make sure the knee is okay, having Bush undergo an MRI three days ago. “We did an MRI a few days ago actually and everything came back great. It looked good and really now it’s just about getting myself back to football shape and getting my knee back used to carrying the load again.”Payton like Bush says he isn’t worried and if a game had to be played today, Bush would be in that number. The Saints have an afternoon practice left and Bush said he expects to participate.

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