Training Camp – Sunday Aug 2nd

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Defense rules again; Bush shows temper

The Saints wrapped up the weekend with just a single afternoon practice indoors thanks to yet another lunchtime rain shower. Once again the indoor work was spirited as the intensity level seen the last two days in team drills spilled over to one on one work.


The new aggressive, win on every play mentality defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has brought to the defense, is providing for some solid non-tackle contact. During a pressure one on one pick up drill, where a defender bull rushes off the end and an offensive players picks him up, some big time hits occurred.

Media took notice as LB Jo-Lunn Dunbar ran over TE Billy Miller laying him out flat en route to destroying the tackle dummy with a football taped to an inflatable fake right arm.

Two plays later with everyone’s attention now on the drill, LB
Marvin Mitchell lined up against RB Reggie Bush. At the whistle, the two engaged with Bush holding his own until getting feet from the dummy. Mitchell then picked up Bush with two arms locked onto his chest and pile drived him onto the dummy, simulating a move out of the pro wrestling arena.

“It’s just one of those periods, one of those drills where you know it’s kind of a tough man competition and you don’t want to lose and be shown up,” said Bush after practice. “I felt like I didn’t do what I wanted to do. It’s a competition period and everything we do is competition. I felt like I didn’t get the most out of it that I could have.”

Bush jumped back up and immediately slammed his helmet on the ground hard enough to spill out some of the padding. Throughout practice it seemed that the defense, though not a full contact day, put some good licks on Bush and other backs. After every play Bush was involved in, he would then throw the football at defenders attempting to tackle him or utter a few choice words.

One play, DE Charles Grant hit Bush pretty good, who was being stood up by other defenders stuffing a running play.  Bush then shoved Grant in the helmet and threw the ball at him. Grant and Bush then jawed at each other well after the play.

The constant pulling and punching at the ball, and standing up of backs and receivers while it happens is creating a little tension that seems to be building a bully mindset on defense and forcing the offense to toughen up.

“I love the physical nature of our defense and it’s only going to help us as an offense and it’s only going to help them for game time situations,” Bush says. “I think those are some of the areas we were lacking the last few seasons. I think they’re going to do really well. I’m excited to see what our defense is going to do this year.”


A pair of Saints cornerbacks had interceptions Sunday afternoon. CB Jabari Greer picked off QB Drew Brees on a third and nine play as the team worked through seven on seven third down drills. Greer was first to the break and beat WR Devery Henderson to the ball. In the team’s final full team drills, Greer almost picked off a Mark Brunell pass, bobbling the ball as he went towards the sidelines.

CB Randall Gay stepped in front of Marques Colston in the team’s final team drill period to secure the defenses second pick.

WR Robert Meachem, in full team drills near the end of practice, caught a pass deep over the middle on a crossing route. Meachem then turned the ball up field along the left sideline outrunning the secondary for a 65-yard touchdown.


WR Adrian Arrington again worked on a limited basis as he continues to recover from a hamstring injury. WE Lance Moore was limited. DT Kendrick Clancy did not practice due to back spasms again. He is expected to be back on the practice fields tomorrow. A pair of players suffered some bumps in Sunday’s practice. LB Jo-Lunn Dunbar suffered a mild hamstring injury and TE Dan Campbell suffered a finger injury.

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