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Saints can still make playoff run

Jimmy Johnson


Saints are down

It is a surprise that the Saints are 0-2 after how they finished last season. But I also think Tampa Bay is a much better team than we all thought. Still, I am encouraged that they did move the football; they had a bunch of yards, but they turned it over a couple of times. I don’t think anything has changed and they still have an outstanding quarterback in Drew Brees, outstanding running backs and I still believe they can pull it together defensively. They should be in the playoff mix at the end. But they have put themselves in a big hole by losing the first two.

I’ve been reading that Jon Gruden is in trouble, but I think the whole key on Jon is that maybe he was right. He was rolling in a van full of quarterbacks in order to find the right one and he got a veteran in Jeff Garcia who is managing the game. Garcia didn’t have great numbers, but he was able to throw a couple of big passes to Joey Galloway. And Cadillac Williams (bruised ribs) showed me quite a bit by scoring two touchdowns. They tailed off a little defensively the last few years, but with veteran defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin around the Bucs will be solid defensively, and if Garcia can stay healthy, they will improve over what they were last year.



Saints vs Tampa Picture

Well it was HOT … and… well here are some pictures of the game !

Run Reggie



The good, the Bad and the real Bad

The GOOD news, which should not take too long to write.

This is the second game of the season and we have 14 more games.

We have a bye week after Monday night. (At first I thought this is way too early in the year but we definitely need it to regroup.)

Injuries: We lost Mark Campbell, a tight end, for the Year and Deuce has a bruise on his eye. On the whole we are Healthy.

Our Division:

Tampa 1 and 1
Carolina 1 and 1
New Orleans 0 and 2
Atlanta 0 and 2

The BAD news.

I predicted this game would be won at the line of scrimmage. Well you would have to be blind if you did not see this. The problem was it was the BUCS linemen dominating the SAINTS linemen. This was on both sides of the ball.

Cornell (Cadillac) Williams did play and the Saints were able to contain him. It should be noted that the BUCS did not need a running game. The BUCS used the pass just like the COLTS and we could not stop them.

There was some obvious holding on Smith and Grant that the officials did not call but it happens to every lineman. Neither of them looked like they were up to their all Pro form.

I thought we would use some safety blitzes, we did – too late too little!

I had expected the Saints to throw deep and to Henderson. It is hard to throw to somebody on the bench. Devery Henderson dropped three balls and sat the bench for the rest of the game. If Henderson is back to his rookie form look for Terrance Copper and Lance Moore to fill in. This might be Henderson’s’ last season with the Saints if he does not improve fast. If he does not improve he might not make it till the end of the season.

Drew Brees is Gun shy and is rushing his passes. This happens when he keeps getting hit and the receivers drop passes. The team needs a win bad this week going into the bye week. Brees needs to regain his confidence in his linemen and receivers.

When I said “I know we will have a good following at the game and it should be over by the third quarter if not sooner so look for the black and gold in the stands since most of the Bucs fans will be leaving before the 2:00 mark in the fourth.” I did not think it would be the BUCS in control and their fans leaving since it was a blow out.

Last note: I am still worried about Orlindo Mare. He did miss another Field Goal and it did not matter since it was a blow out. Let’s hope he gets this straight before it is an important one that could win or lose a game.



Tampa Bay Bucs: The real story

Tampa Bay should not be much of a test for the Saints.  It is exactly what the team needs right now.  Under Payton the Saints have won the games that they are pencilled in and this is one of them.  This game will be won at the line of scrimmage.

Tampa has some injury problems.  David Boston, who in the past has had some steroid problems, was released from the BUCS, after a DWI and testing positive for GHB.  Cornell (Cadillac) Williams is nursing his bruised ribs and might play.  Even though CADILLAC is an unbelievable runner HE WILL NOT help if he plays. I expect him to have a couple of good runs and if he does not play then Tampa will sink early.

 The SAINTS DEFENSE will be blitzing Garcia and he is no Payton Manning.  Look for some sacks this game from SMITH and GRANT.  Also look for a few Safety blitzes.  If the Saints contain Garcia and his scrambling on broken plays is contained then it will be a real long day for him.  

The SAINTS offense will have a great game. look for the SAINTS on the first possession to throw deep. Henderson will be a great target.  This is not a game that  the SAINTS have to slowly churn the ball to eat up the clock to keep the opponents offense off of the field like in Indy.  

I know we will have a good following at the game and it should be over by the third quarter if not sooner  So look for the black and gold in the stands since most of the Bucs fans will be leaving before the 2:00 mark in the fourth.     

Other key injuries:  Brian Kelly Groin injury



Whodatnation welcomes Tasha !

The first Girl of the Whodatnation this
season is Tasha. Tasha come right from
the New Orleans area, and we hope to
see more of her and other girls !
So here is Tasha !
Tasha !
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What I would like to see from the Saints…

More touches for Deuce. Deuce opens up the rest of the offense. Give the man a chance to beat and wear on the defense.



Tampa Game

Anybody going to Tampa for the game ?

If so please let us know where all the people
from the Who Dat Nation will be hanging out !




Well the NFL season kicked off with a bang last night. It was billed as a shootout and it was with Indianapolis holding all the guns.

Peyton Manning threw for 288 yards and three touchdowns. Mainly picking on his former teammate Jason David. Who seemingly looked like he had no idea out there he was staring at Peyton Manning the whole game letting Reggie Wayne run by him into the end zone.

Our offense which was number one in the league last year could not get started either. Drew Brees could not get anything to a receiver down field and for a while was in the lead for fewest average per completion and would have been below former heisman winner Chris Weinke. He seemingly could not find anyone anywhere down field not wearing a Colts jersey.

Hopefully a week and a half to regroup will gear them to victory against in Tampa next Sunday.



Why the Saints Lost.

The saints were beat for a few reasons.

The offensive line played terrible making Brees go to short
routes, Dwight Frenney could not be stopped and Brees had no time
to throw.

As most teams early in the season both defenses were ahead
of the offense in the first half. The Saints were never beat
like this last year. Only when other teams took advantage
of turnovers and not the blown coverages.

The Colts made adjustments to the cover 2 coverage.
The Saints showed a lot of different looks but at half
time it was broken down and adjusted to.

Jason David is short and watches the quarterback too much.

The Saints did not make any major adjustments at halftime they
were still in the game, so they did not need to.

Orlindo Mare is a little shaky and could cost us some games.

With that said the Saints were playing the Colts the best team
in the NFL. Nobody else has a Dwight Freeney and a Payton
Manning that calls the game from the line of scrimmage

We will have a whole season to play them again in the Superbowl
to make better adjustments Don’t be surprised if by the end of the
season Usama Young is not starting in place of Jason David.
Remember Young is 6′ 0. David is possibly 5′ 8′

The Saints are a better team than they looked like in the second half.

They will beat the Bucs by at least 14 points.