Do not lose FAITH

We are three games into the season. As everyone knows we have not won yet. Do not lose faith though. We still have a good shot of making the playoffs because our remaining schedule is not to difficult. The loss of Deuce McAllister will severely damage our running game with Reggie Bush not being an every down back yet. Aaron Stecker will be asked to handle some of the load which he can do since he does have seven years of NFL experience. Another last option we have is to use some of the un-drafted rookie Pierre Thomas, who showed great potential during the last few games of the pre-season. Reggie Bush can do the job, he has showed maturity in being able to run downhill and hit the holes harder and gain the more hard earned yards. We can open up the down field passing game now and hopefully with a week off Drew Brees can regain the form of last year and hit Devery Henderson and Marques Colston down the field for bigger gaines. Lastly the Defense which has not played that bad but still is allowing over 30 points a game can improve there is still time in the season to let Jason David gain control of his starting cornerback position and Usama Young will come along and help guard the oppositions slot receivers. Lastly I would like to say DO NOT LOSE FAITH we can still make the playoffs and win our division which is wide open.

4 Responses to “Do not lose FAITH”

  1. Wesley says:

    I agree with you bobby. I am sick of people telling me how the saints are doomed, how they will be lucky to break 500. Where has the FAITH gone, just becuase we had a good season last year doesnt mean we need to get used to winning every game. Yes, we are going to loose perferably not three in a row, but with the bye week I know the Saints can bounce back for next weeks game. Who Dat?!

  2. admin says:

    I am over the last 3 weeks!! The NFC is weak, a lot of teams in our conference are suffering from the injury bug as bad as us!!

    Beating Carolina will be a good first step. This team needs to learn how the do the basics.

    Getting pumped up!!!

  3. tim says:

    I’m so with you bobby now after we won last night. were 1-4 and we still got 11 games left. we have a pretty easy schedule and can win alot of those games lets go saints

  4. Daniel says:

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