A few words about the Dome experience.

First, it was nice to be back in the Dome, especially with it raining Monday night.

It was also nice to see the hallway areas in the Club level were carpeted. Last year, I saw numerous people slip and fall when the floor got wet.

The Club level social areas look wonderful, but the food was terrible. The fried shrimp po’boy was something I would expect in Nebraska. Another complaint is they took the Real New Orleans daiquiris out, and replaced them with bars that served frozen generic sugar water. I guess the Dome management is looking to make squeeze more profits out. Also the final indignation, there was NO peanuts to be found at all. Can we get a Dome Food Czar in and make some changes?!?! At the end of the day, if I was walking out the Dome celebrating a Saints victory I may not be complaining about the food…. but then again, I am a New Orleanian food counts!

Once we were in out seats, we noticed that the sound system was off. The entire time all we heard was echos. Did they test the new sound system?? I have been sitting in the same seats for over 20 years and this is the first game I could not understand what was being said. Very frustrating.

Another frustration with the Dome is the refusal to show questionable plays that are challenged by the coaches, or should be challenged. In Tampa stadium their replays are proactive and they will start replaying plays that should be challenged by the home team before the coaches throw the flag. Then during the 90 seconds of review they loop through the different camera angles like they do on TV.

My question is why don’t we do this? This is not the first year, I have noticed it before. Is it a matter of censorship or incompetence. One would think fans who pay $100+ per ticket should have the same access to information ( replays) as those sitting at home watching for free.

Another positive is the Saintsations – from my perspective it looks like we have some nice new blood. On the past I felt that the team was focused on seniority of cheerleaders rather then talent and looks. Not only were the new girls “lookers’ but they danced better as well. With the Saints season sinking fast, at least we will have something else to enjoy on the sidelines.

3 Responses to “A few words about the Dome experience.”

  1. Tim_from_Katy says:

    Well at least it sounds as though the Saintsations are an improvement over last year’s team !!!

    As for the food at the dome, I have never been overly impressed. I did enjoy eating at the Luther’s BBQ stand back when I was living in the city and regularly attending games.

    Hopefully they’ll (Superdome Management) will get the sound system sorted out by the end of the season.

    As for replay, I wouldn’t hold my breath, by getting the contraversial replays on the big screen any time soon.

  2. Billy says:

    I have to agree with you when I went to see the club level it looked nice.. the glass doors made it look open and clean. A big improvement from last year.

    The sound system was really bad, on the field you could not hear anything and it was louder then I ever remember it being.

    I did see the Jumbo peanuts guy : )

    Hopefully these things can be fixed along with the team.

  3. Daniel says:

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