The Who Dat Nation showed up in Tampa, too bad the Saints did not.

Who Dat Nation in Tampa.

The Who Dat Nation was strong in Tampa. The whole weekend, through out Tampa we saw proud members of the Who Dat Nation flying their Saints colors – we saw them at the mall, the beach, the bars, and the game. I tip my hat to everyone who made the trip to Tampa, enduring 110 degrees in the stadium to pull for our boy in Black and Gold!

2 things I will take away from this experience.

1) The Who Dat Nation is growing and even in defeat are the best fans on the planet.
2) I will never say a bad word about the Dome again. I hope the AC is cranking Monday night!!

5 Responses to “The Who Dat Nation showed up in Tampa, too bad the Saints did not.”

  1. Billy says:

    I tell you a game in Tampa in Oct / Nov would be great, I loved the stadium but give me my DOME !!

  2. Christian says:

    We went to last year’s Saints-Bucs game in Tampa in early November. It wasn’t as brutal as last weekend, but we still all got sunburned.

  3. admin says:

    We made it last year as well. Do not remember it being so hot, but I do remember winning the game and Buc fans leaving early!!

  4. Tim_from_Katy says:

    Sounds like Tampa should have invested in a retractable roof stadium. It’s just as brutal this time of the year in the Houston area, but its always a comfortable 74 deg F in Reliant Stadium. I say play football indoors in the south until mid-November !!! Good Luck Next Week in the Dome!!! I Hope if the Saints do get a new stadium in the big easy some day that they do a Retractable Roof Design.

  5. Daniel says:

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