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Favorite Saints memories. Hakim drops the ball!

I was in the Dome for this game, I remember how nervous I was that the Saints were going to blow the game. I love the call from Jim and Hokie!!

One thing about the 2006 Saints has help fans overcome is the negative thoughts during crunch time.



WhoDatNation gets a myspace page

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Training Camp / Bills Game – by Bobby Blake

Training Camp review:

The dog days of summer would be an understatement. The New Orleans Saints practice is in full swing at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. There are alot of superstars as well as there are alot of players fighting to have a shot to make it in the big show. Many of the young stars like Lance Moore a third year player out of Toledo seem to be impressive and to have a great shot at making an impact this fall for the Saints. Reggie Bush seems to have improved tremendously from a year ago. The Saints seem to making a big effort to get him more carries where he can run up the middle and hit the hole hard and use his amazing speed to get through the hole and explode to the second level where he is very hard to bring down in the open field. The Saints are going to mix things up this year, giving Deuce a chance to run to the outside a job primarily done by Reggie Bush last season. Marques Colston seems to be extremely focused this season, always catching passes from whoever will throw to him. Tyler Palko a rookie free agent who was a three year starter at the University of Pittsburgh has been the most impressive rookie so far through camp. First round pick Robert Meachem has been coming back well from off season knee surgery. He is listed as fourth string on the teams depth chart, that seems like it would change as of the next few weeks. This season should shape up to be an exciting one for all the Who Dats out there hopefully this group of extraordinary talent can lead this young team to the promise land.

Comments on Buffalo game:

Tyler Palko he showed poise and toughness staying in a collapsing pocket and still releasing a great pass. He also was not afraid to tuck it and run, he was smart when none was open most of the time he would go to his check down receivers. The other thing would be free agent pick up Jason David he has not showed much at all in the preseason and hopefully he can step up his game so that we can have a solid secondary with him lining up opposite Mike Mckenzie.

Bobby Blake



Who Dat Nation Girls !

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Colston is a monster

Great commercial.



Earn it !

This you tube link was sent by “Saints Fan” and you know what I think it deserves its own little section, I saw it today on tv and it made me smile !



Training Camp – August 8, 2007

The Saints will return for an afternoon practice on the campus of Millsaps College at 3:40 p.m. after this mornings practice was canceled so we will be back later with more information and more pictures.

Well like we had heard the Saints went to a local water park to have a little fun, and guess what two Saints players got injured at the local water park.

Linebacker Scott Fujita suffered an undisclosed injury to his right ankle or foot. From what we heard Fujita went a little to far in the slide and hit a fence : (
Tight end Billy Miller also received a few stitches on his forehead.

Want to see some pictures from Wednesday’s practice,
click the picture !
Training Camp



Training Camp – August 7, 2007

Made it to Saints Training Camp on Tuesday, August 7th.

Starting left tackle Jammal Brown, was injured in practice Tuesday and was carted off the field by team trainers this morning.

Head Coach Sean Payton said that the injury was to Brown’s right knee, but that from preliminary reports, Payton was encouraged. “(Head athletic trainer) Scottie (Patton) felt pretty good about the stability of it,” said Payton. “A lot of times you can tell right away if there is looseness in the joint. There appeared to be good stability.”

The good news is that Brown suffered a bruised right knee. The results of an MRI taken this morning show that there is not any structural damage to his knee.

Coach Payton also said on Tuesday that Will Smith has a virus and is throwing up some. Coach Payton also said he was going to excuse Will Smith for the next couple of days with the passing of his grandmother. Our prayers go out to Will and his family.

Want to see a few pictures of Training Camp from Tuesday ? Just click on the pictures of Scott Fujita.

Saints Training Camp



Saints lost Hall of Fame Game.

The Saints, looking sluggish while their starters were in the game, lost their preseason opener 20-7 to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday in Canton, Ohio.

But let’s remember that last year the Saints for 1-3 in preseason !