Training Camp – August 8, 2007

The Saints will return for an afternoon practice on the campus of Millsaps College at 3:40 p.m. after this mornings practice was canceled so we will be back later with more information and more pictures.

Well like we had heard the Saints went to a local water park to have a little fun, and guess what two Saints players got injured at the local water park.

Linebacker Scott Fujita suffered an undisclosed injury to his right ankle or foot. From what we heard Fujita went a little to far in the slide and hit a fence : (
Tight end Billy Miller also received a few stitches on his forehead.

Want to see some pictures from Wednesday’s practice,
click the picture !
Training Camp

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  1. admin says:

    Nice report Billy! Stay cool up in Jackson!

  2. saints fan says:

    check out this saints commercial


  3. Billy says:

    Thanks Saints Fan I gave you your own section for that so more people could see it !