Déjà vu

Below are comments from back when Sal Monistere first got
“Who Dat Fever” and tried to take over Who Dat from the Who Dat Nation. Fast
forward to 2017 and guess what the Saints are having an amazing season and out
of the woodwork comes Sal Monistere, who now wants to own the Who Dat Nation.
Funny how we only hear from him when the Saints are winning, but when they are
losing I guess he just goes back to Texas and waits for things to change.

Sal and Who Dat, Inc now want to take the domain WhoDatNation.com
from fans of the team, who stick with the team winning or losing. Back in 2009
WhoDatNation.com met with Sal and wanted to work with him to help Saints fans,
but could not reach an agreement.

So now when you cannot work out a deal you try to steal the
domain name.

Saints fans… What do you think?? Let us know at admin@whodatnation.com

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